My Grandparents’ House in the French Countryside

Now that I’ve shown you my paternal grandparents’ apartment, why don’t I show you my other grandparents’ house? It is the place I moved into after all. My mom’s parents live in a cute house in the French countryside (yet it’s still only 1 hour away from Paris. How convenient is that?!)

Isn't all the greenery pretty?

Here’s a look at their front door, which is actually in the backyard (the stairs from the front wind around to the back).

The little wooden gate is to keep my auntie's dog, Nala, from running off and getting lost when they visit.

The house is named after my mom and auntie, Franbelle. Francoise (my mom’s name) + Isabelle = Franbelle =]

Isn't the little plaque cute?

If you walk around the backyard to the front of the house (without taking the stairs back down) you find…

The frontyard! Complete with covered lunch table for those sweltering French summer days, trees and plants my grandpa babies, my granny relaxing reading a book, and me hard at work looking for work.

Now let’s take a look inside.

Here is the dining room my granny decorated so nicely.

And last, but not least, is my bedroom. Actually, it’s the room my mom usually sleeps in when we come visit but I took advantage of her absence to take over the room and nice, big, comfy bed! Sorry mom! This room is taken now =]

Maybe I should have cleaned a little more?

The town my grandparents live in is adorable. I’ll have to take some pictures soon and show you guys!


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