What an Awesome Weekend!

This post is going to be short since I still need to study for my very last exam tomorrow (I barely missed it by a few points last time!) Once I pass this last test on California government and history, I’ll finally have fulfilled all of SJSU’s GE (General Education) requirements and receive my degree.

So here is my weekend in pictures:

I went to the beach Friday. Isn't Davenport beautiful?

Grabbed some milk tea at Verde and practiced my imaginary elliptical with my friend Amanda Saturday morning

Then off to the Lunar Festival celebration in Cupertino with Brian, Tommie and Rachel

Everyone received beautiful lanterns!

Finally finished the night off with a few beers at the Yardhouse on Santana Row

I forgot to take pictures of brunch at Bill’s Cafe (I had very yummy french toast!) and dinner with the friends I went to Napa with, but I do have this:

No wonder I'm still studying for this exam... Little Shit isn't a very good tutor

By the way, I’m grabbing sushi in Campbell Monday evening with Alex, Kartik, Lei and Diemmy so let me know if anyone else wants to come!

8 thoughts on “What an Awesome Weekend!

  1. Really wondering how you can go off for a weekend when you have an exam to take ?!?

    When I was a poor student would never have dreamed of going off for a weekend before an exam!

    Frankly SHOCKED!!

    For success in Life Motivation, Dedication and Perseverance with some inherited Intelligence is OBLIGATORY!!!

    This weekend, that is yesterday (Sunday, 12/09 — successful executives have at most one day off per week!), Missioned at home preparing a report due for tomorrow and preparing for my Sales Trip to St. Petersberg, Moscow and Kiev 16-29 September.

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    Sales and Guest Relations Manager for CIS, Eastern Europe & Greece
    The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa
    Hotel Professional Extraordinaire
    Email: olinka@olinka.info
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    • I actually didn’t go off for the weekend. I spent all of last week studying and then most of Sunday. I really only took parts of Friday and Saturday off (after spending several weeks studying for it the first time I took it too by the way.) That and I’m doing my best to visit all of the friends I won’t be able to see for a long time after I leave. Thank you for your concern, but it’s always best to get ALL of the facts before judging someone.

  2. I went to the moon festival at independence high school. I got the butterfly lantern. Ended the night dancing to my favorite vietnamese singer performing on stage. It was soo much fun.

    How was the festival in cupertino?

  3. Hey Sophie,

    I’d like to come actually because I didn’t really get to talk to you on Saturday (or Sunday for that matter) about you leaving.

    I might not get all my things done in time but if it’s the right time I might be able to make it 😀

    Thanks for coming out by the way!


      • Yeah I’ll be there, but I don’t think it will be conducive to talking at flames haha, It’s alright maybe we can talk some other time!

      • of course =] I’ll be in SJ this weekend–maybe we can catch up then! Otherwise I should have some time next week too (and maybe later too if my plane ticket ends up being a little later than I’m currently anticipating)

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