Counting Down the Last Few Weeks.

My gosh time flies so quickly! I now only have about 2 weeks left until I leave for France. I waxed on and on sentimentally about everything I’m going to miss in my last entry… so let’s be a little more optimistic and proactive today!

As excited as I am to return to France... I'm still sad that soon I won't see all my beloved friends anymore

Here are my plans for the next few weeks. Please take a look so you have some idea regarding when I will be in San Jose or Livermore–this will really help me schedule when to hang out with all of you guys (hey, let’s face it, I don’t have all of your class and work schedules memorized so take a look and help me schedule!) I think the SJSU Homecoming Game is this Saturday at 1pm so I’ll be at the tail gate starting around 10 or 11am if you want to see me there.

I am coming back to San Jose tomorrow (Thursday, September 8th) and plan on being in town until next Tuesday (the 13th.) At that point, I will go back to Livermore for a few days. I’m not completely sure whether I will spend the weekend of September 16-18 in San Jose or Livermore yet… my guess as of now is that I will most likely drive back and forth between both cities a few times during that weekend since it sounds like a lot will be happening!

I have not gotten my plane ticket yet (anyone shocked?) My mother’s friend is a flight attendant and said she would help us get a special ticket. Get this, I’ll get to fly in business class and have 3 suitcases (yeay! enough to pack most of my life into!) and all I have to do is fly standby =D I told her I want to leave the week of September 19th and she should get back to us soon with the dates she can get me a flight.

I’ll let everyone know once I finally have my ticket and my departure time is finalized (well, as finalized as it can be in standby anyway.) There may also be a “surprise” (O=] ) going-away party in the works… so if anyone wants to get information I suggest you contact Alex to make sure you can come. And don’t hesitate! I want to see everyone before I leave!

2 thoughts on “Counting Down the Last Few Weeks.

  1. “all I have to do is fly standby”

    Do you understand that with a standby ticket you do not have a reservation?

    All you have to do is go to the airport with your 3 bags and pray that there is seat on the plane. If there is not a seat then you will have to await the next flight and again pray that there is a seat.

    Hoping you get a seat on the 19th as you desire! Then I will be on a sales trip to St. Petersburg, Moscow & Kiev but will be thinking of you and wishing you GRAND Happifications in your return to you HomeLand, GAY _Paree_, The MOST Beautiful city in all our Lovely spacecraft _Earth_!

    EnJoY LOTS 🙂 !

    Olga Kovshanova, MBA, MA
    Sales and Guest Relations Manager for CIS, Eastern Europe & Greece
    The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa
    Hotel Professional Extraordinaire
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