Hi guys, I’m still pretty tired and recovering from my ear infection so this is going to be a short post. Here are some of the pictures from my trip to LA and Disneyland with AIESEC San Jose’s international trainees =]

We started our trip off by grabbing dinner in Japantown aka Little Tokyo. LA has an amazing Japantown. 2 years ago, I discovered this place with amazing cheap food and always make it a point to stop by there whenever I’m in SoCal. I feel so bad that I can’t remember what the place is called and recommend it to all  of you (if anyone reading this remembers where it is please post a comment!!), but here’s a picture of my wonderful, delicious dinner just to tempt all of you!

Miso soup, uni (sea urchin), sake sashimi (salmon) and unagi (grilled eel) donburi (over rice)--deeelicious!

We also did a little shopping and the headed straight to Disneyland! We spent a big part of the day running after Disney characters so here are a few pictures with sights/characters.

Cinderella's Castle; from left: Alex, Simona (our trainee from Romania) and Monika (our trainee from Poland)

Minnie Mouse!


I love Mary Poppins

Splash Mountain... definitely worked!

Last but not least, just because Simona and I love Chip and Dale

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of you Jeroen (our trainee from the Netherlands)! The only picture we all had together was with Mickey Mouse and it’s all blurry =/

9 thoughts on “Disneyland!

  1. CHEAP Japanese food ?!? Wonder of the World: Love Japanese food, but every place in all the many lands where I have enjoyed it, Japanese food has always been expensive 😦 !

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