Sorry For Disappearing!

Hi everyone, I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a week!

I left for a road trip to LA and Disneyland last Friday and got really sick on Saturday. I’ve been sleeping all day everyday ever since. Finally, I went to the doctor this morning and found out that it’s just an ear infection. It knocked me out pretty badly: I was exhausted, had a really painful sore throat, an ear ache, headache, sinus pressure… vertigo, numbness and loss of taste. Pretty much anything and everything imaginable!

I just wanted to write all of you a quick note to apologize for not writing for so long and let you know what happened. I’m beginning to feel a little better and will hopefully have a proper post for you guys sometime soon. Maybe I’ll post pictures from my trip to Disneyland =]

With this week of rest, I’ve fallen behind on preparations for France so I may be pushing that back a little bit too. Either way, I’ll keep y’all posted.



2 thoughts on “Sorry For Disappearing!

    • Thanks Olya =] I feel much better already now that I’ve had some antibiotics. As amazing as mother nature is, it’s pretty difficult to get over a bad ear infection without some help from modern medicine

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