I’m All Moved Out!!

It has been such a crazy week! I’ve been catching up with friends during the day, staying up late to pack, and spending whatever time I can find on finalizing plans for my Los Angeles trip.

First things first, in less than a month I will leave sunny, beautiful California so please make sure you contact me so we can hang out and catch up one last time before I’m gone! I’ve been having a blast catching up with friends this week, but I haven’t had a chance to see everyone yet and I will miss all of you dearly =/

Helen, my best friend in high school and middle school. You better make sure I see you lots during the next 3-4 weeks missy!

Secondly, I moved today! I spent the last week or so going through my things (especially all my clothes!), deciding what I didn’t need to take with me to Paris, selling or giving away what didn’t pass the test, and organizing and packing everything that remained. Then today, finally, I loaded all of my “essentials” into a small white van, drove up to Livermore and unloaded everything into my mother’s garage.

It felt so rewarding that it only took a short while to unload everything and we didn’t have any trouble finding enough room to store it all =] All that hard work getting rid of the things I don’t need anymore really paid off! It made it much easier to move and will make it that much less difficult when I have to fit my life into 3 suitcases!

Thirdly, I’m going to LA this weekend, so I had some planning to do. As my last act as Vice President of Exchange Quality at AIESEC San Jose, I am taking our trainees to Disneyland! It took some work, but we’re going to have a lot of fun and, honestly, going on trips is the best part of taking care of trainee reception! Keep an eye out for pictures either in Saturday night’s post or on Monday after I get back.

Lastly, I’m going to be in San Jose most of this coming week but the week after that I will spend more time in Livermore and Dublin. I hope I’ll get a chance to say goodbye to all of my wonderful friends in person before I leave. I’m truly going to miss all of you so much! There may also be a going-away party in the works–I’ll keep you guys posted regarding the details!

1 thought on “I’m All Moved Out!!

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