RIP Tic Tac, I loved ya kitty

My old granny of a cat died this morning =/

RIP Tic Tac

Wasn’t she cute?

It was sad… but really not that sad somehow. I think it still hasn’t quite sunk in. I drove up from San Jose at 8:30 this morning to take her to the veterinarian with my mom, but she didn’t even make it to the vet’s office. I wrapped her in a towel and set her down in my lap, and get this,


She was moving around a little trying to get comfortable and she just let it loose. Very gross… but somehow also kind of funny in hind sight. It’s better to laugh than to cry, right?

So we got her another towel and finally set off for the vet’s office, minus any more accidents. Tic Tac was really calm when my mom parked in front of the door–I figured she was quieting down and getting used to the car. I carried her in like an old dowager queen on a silver platter and set her back down in my lap as I took a seat. I looked down at her to see how she was doing and scratch her head… but she wasn’t moving anymore.

That morning she was having a lot of trouble breathing and kept her mouth open to pant, but it didn’t move anymore. I’ll spare you the details, but I still can’t get the sight out of my mind. My old kitty died in my lap. I’m a little scared that maybe I wasn’t careful enough with her, she was so light and frail, just skin and bones really.

She had a good, long life though and I guess it was just time to go.

R.I.P. Tic Tac. You were a wonderful kitty; headstrong and independent, just like me. I loved cuddling with you while I fell asleep at night, playing with you and trying to do homework while you played with my pens and books. I hope you weren’t too scared in the car, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t gentle enough with you.


11 thoughts on “RIP Tic Tac, I loved ya kitty

  1. I am so sorry, Sophie. It is always sad to lose a pet; I bet she was waiting for you to come home. I am glad that she passed peacefully and that you were there to comfort her.

  2. Heart is with You 😦 !

    Your Sister Olga

    Ps. Here is my old Dinosaur’s poem about his childhood Irish Setter:


    He’s been dead
    For 17 years,
    My boyhood
    My, Honeybunch

    He arrived
    One playful
    Spring day,
    A pup of
    Ten weeks,
    Jumping and
    Yelping around,

    Very silky red
    Against the
    Old dark-
    Green pine &
    Young new-white
    The whole family
    Loved him.

    Red, he’d
    Come & put
    His silky
    Red head
    On your
    Knee & turn
    His soft-
    Brown eyes
    Up to you
    Asking to
    Be petted:

    He’d almost
    Purr at
    Your touch.

    He lived
    With us
    For 14 or
    15 years-
    I grew up &
    Moved away,
    But at visits
    He’d still
    Jump up
    In his old
    Youthful way.

    Then came
    The day
    Dad called,
    “It’s time:
    Red has to
    Go to the
    Vet for
    The last

    Dad cried-
    He couldn’t
    Take him.
    Red was in
    Pain – nothing

    I kissed
    Him good-
    Bye at
    The vet’s,
    My old,

    His big
    Brown eyes
    Made one last
    Feeble effort
    To look
    Up & ask
    To be

    I never
    Cried for
    Red until

    Good-bye my
    With wet eyes,
    I Miss you!

    Ibiza, Spain
    29 April 1986

    Marco Polo
    The Photographing-Poet-Errant

    Ps. My Dad never let us have a pet, so I never learned to cry–was it wiser?

    • How sad!!! I didn’t cry until later either… but not years later! I think it’s healthy to cry. It allows us to express emotions and process them. Without crying we might just become bitter old men/women.

  3. Although I only met her once, I remembered her. It’s not just healthy to cry; it’s necessary to be emotional, for an old pal that has accompanied you through ups and downs since childhood.

    Write down those lovely moments that you shared with her. It’s not that your forgetfulness may catch up someday with your memories of Tic Tac. It’s just… “nice” to express your most innate feelings at the moment via words. It’s like coloring a simple portrait you did 10 years ago for the sake of spending a little more time on something you adore. Make sense?

    “Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

  4. I think TicTac choose to die on your laps. She was probably happy to be with all of us. She was so independent she preferred to do it her way. I miss her too ;-(

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