Last week of free French lessons–prizes!

Hi French students! Thank you for attending my lessons the last few weeks. It’s been a great learning experience for me, and for you too I hope.

This week is going to be week 4, our last week. I’ve saved the best for last: Monday we’ll go over some very useful things to say when you come across a handsome Frenchman or lovely Frenchwoman.

We’re also going to schedule our last lesson. Depending on when the people who show up for Monday’s class are free, we’ll go to Taste of Paris for lunch this week to practice ordering food and making conversation with Lionel, the bakery’s French owner.

Here's a hint about the prize

There will also be a special competition and prize Monday, so make you sure review our old lessons! I’m going to ask all of you to tell me things in French, such as asking me whether I want orange juice, or that you like to eat sandwiches…

Make sure you study up and come Monday so you can win some yummy French prizes and help us decide when to go to Taste of Paris together!

Thanks again to all the friends who showed up; this has been a really fun experience for me =]

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