How young is old? Making the most of the time I have, Part 1

This is going to be a long entry to I’ll chop it up into 2-3 pieces. Keep an eye out for the sequel!

This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but recently I’ve started to feel a little old. Well, not exactly. As a Global Studies major, I’ve looked at women’s rights and poverty all over the world quite a bit… and it’s been getting to me. In class this week we watched 6 Billion and Beyond (the 3rd or 4th time for me!) and it got me thinking.

What am I going to do?

Many young women all over the world have been wishing and fighting for the chance (not even the right!) to delay marriage and childbirth. I’ve been fortunate enough to be raised in cultures where women are routinely reminded of their rights and choices, and pushed to take advantages of them. Even we can’t delay childbirth forever though.

My mother was 27 or 28 when she had me. I’m currently 22. If I have my first child when I’m 27 I only have 5 years left to explore the world and do what I want before I must devote myself to caring for a young life. If I wait until I’m in my mid-thirties there may be a significantly increased risk of complications and birth defects.

That’s kind of depressing. Assuming I don’t decide not to have children (which, admittedly, is beginning look more and more attractive–hey, everyone’s adopting from third world nations nowadays, right?!) I only have 5-10 (dare I push 15?) years left. Also, do I want to be fifty-something when my kids are in high school? They’ll think I’m an old foagy who’s waaaay past remembering what it was like going through puberty and couldn’t possibly relate to them.

There’s still so much I still want to do! Spend a few years with my relatives in France. Work on health/micro-finance/women’s rights projects in Africa. Am I going to have enough time to do all of this (and all the other things I’ll discover and want to do)?

How do I balance and organize my time so that I’ll have enough time to travel around the world and do what I love without waiting “too long” to have children? Even more importantly, have I been making good use of the time I’m so fortunate to have?

What do you guys think? Will you wait a long time to have kids? Are you even worrying about this yet?!


6 thoughts on “How young is old? Making the most of the time I have, Part 1

  1. There MUST be enough money to care for and raise children properly! Do not have that so do not even think about having children.

    In my values having children without enough money to care for and raise them properly is TOTAL irresponsibility! Sadly most in the world do this so poverty continues 😦 !

    BRAVO: Lovely new photo of You 😦 !

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  2. A simply honest and yet universally pragmatic self discussion that everone has sooner or later. I applaud your courage to post it on your blog!

    As a man I share your concerns for my life to some extent. I am a divorcee. I have no children as yet and today–well yesterday(I have not yet gone to sleep) would have been my parents 39th anniversary, except that my mother went to heaven in 2007.

    You seem to be making quite good use of your life. I would think that even more important than one’s own parenting is the ability to find a genuinely positive purpose and to pursue that purpose with one’s whole being. Who knows, that may be the primary reason God created you in the first place.

    The title of this post asks a vital question. And the title of this post answers that question as well. Keep writing!

  3. You should do what you so desire to do when you are young. People wait; time doesn’t. When they are older, people can still go wherever they want and see whatever they want. But their perspectives are going to change, which will produce different experiences. Don’t rush figuring out what to do with your life or worry what formula you’re supposed to follow. It’s rarely a bad time to try new experiences. Just remember you cannot afford indecisiveness. Even at age 40, you’re still likely to have healthy kids.

  4. If you feel in your core that you are ready to have kids then have kids. Who says you can’t explore the world with your kids. I have two an I we love it.

  5. Thanks for your advice and feebback everyone! The way I see it… if I’m worrying about it now I will make better use of my time instead of turning around 10 years down the road and wondering where it all went!

  6. Enjoy your life, freedom and present moment…when it’s the right time to do things, you will feel it, deep inside you.

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