Departure Time Set!

The time for my departure from lovely, sunny California has been set! I will be leaving for France either the week of September 12th or 19th.

As I’m sure some of you must remember, I originally planned on leaving in late August or early September. However, I had to push my move back a few weeks since my grandparents will be on vacation in Italy during the first week of September. They kindly offered to let me stay with them for a few weeks while I look for work =]

Now if I get just a tad luckier, I’ll get a discount flight too! A friend of my mother’s, a flight hostess, offered to get me a staff ticket. This means I’ll be on standby and will have to come back the next day if there’s no space left on the plane (giving me just a little more time to spend with all my wonderful friends) but I’m not one to complain about a business-class seat at a discount price!

Y’all only have another insufferable month and a half to hang out with me, but not to worry, I will make time to catch up with everyone before I jet on out of here.


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