SJSU Freshmen, take Sci 2!

The other day, one of my best friends’ little sister sent me a text asking about Science 2: Success in Science (Sci 2) so, being the undisputed authority on all things Sci 2, (HA! O=] ) I promised her I would write a post describing why she should take the class.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to remember how confused you were when you first went to university and tell the freshmen you know getting ready to attend San Jose State University (SJSU) to take Science 2, or at least read this post.

Here are only a few of the many reasons all incoming freshmen at SJSU should sign up for Sci 2:

I. It is chock full of resources! In this class, you will learn tons of things that will help you be successful at  SJSU (hence the name):

  1. Which offices and departments are in charge of what, including where to go for help depending on the sort of trouble you stumble into
  2. Where to find important documents and info on the SJSU website (not as easy as it sounds, trust me)
  3. Important rules and regulations most students don’t learn about until it’s too late
  4. A list of resources found on campus such as free tutoring and help with paper-writing
  5. The CSU formula used to calculate student GPA (useful in determining how much effort to put into which classes)
  6. Self-analysis regarding work and study type and relevant tips (for maximum efficiency so you have more time to spend enjoying university life)

II. Science 2 is a great class to meet other freshmen and make friends in. With both a lecture and an activity section, you have 100+ potential new friends in this class alone. Coincidentally, this is where I met some of my best friends =]

My 2 best friends from my time working as a PA

III. Each activity section has a Peer Advisor (PA). This is an older student who has already taken and done well in Sci 2. Each PA is assigned to a class s/he co-teaches, grades assignments for, and meets with each student one-on-one every week to evaluate individual student progress and help with any problems before they spiral out of control. I like to think that we’re very helpful and great role models, but that’s up to you to judge for yourselves.

IV. It’s a great work opportunity: if you do well in the class you can apply to be come a PA. PAs do a lot of work attending their class section, grading assignments and meeting with students every week, but it’s generally under 20 hours a week, pays better than most jobs on campus, and is very rewarding. I really loved getting to know the students in my section, helping them become more familiar with SJSU, and seeing how much more confident I’ve helped them become at the end of the semester. Other PAs and I have become friends with many of our students and still keep in touch with them. It’s really a great job for anyone who is organized, sociable, and enjoys mentoring.

So there you have it folks! This is one of the best classes I have taken in university. It should really be called success at SJSU rather than success in science since it’s so helpful for freshman of all majors, and enrollment is not limited to science majors. It’s a little more work than most freshman classes, but it saved me from spending endless hours looking for information, gave me the tools and knowledge to stay out of trouble, and helped me graduate on time (I’m sure my parents appreciate the savings!)

So do your friends and relatives coming to SJSU a favor, tell them to sign up for Sci 2 (or Sci 90T for transfer students.)

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9 thoughts on “SJSU Freshmen, take Sci 2!

  1. Where I studies, in St. Petersburg, Russian & Paris, France, there was no choice of classes. The Unis gave a list of classes and that was it.

    We were no so fortunate to have generous PAs, like Anne-Sophie, to guide us!

    To educate a poor foreigner, what other choices are there for students in addition to “Science 2: Success in Science (Sci 2)” ?

    My Dinosaur, who attended Columbia U. in NYC two score + years of yore, said he took “professors not courses”. There was a system of ‘late registration” for 2 weeks after classes started. He would go thru the catalogue and choose a dozen or so classes that looked interesting. Then go and sit in on them. After hearing the Profs and seeing the required reading lists he would select the most promising Professors and register for those course.

    This system seems very worthy. Is this process still possible in American Universities?

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  2. Hi Olia, the system at SJSU is a little different.
    Students generally enroll in courses several months or weeks before the semester even begins. There is late drop and registration to allow for last minute changes but it can be difficult to late enroll into a popular class. Open university, which allows members of the community not working towards a degree to attend SJSU courses, goes through late registration, but there is the same problem with classes already being full.

    As far as selecting courses v. professors goes, all majors have certain course requirements (courses students must take in order to earn a specific degree) which are usually only offered by 1 or 2 professors so there isn’t much room for choice. However, for other courses like the General Education students take during their first 2 years, there are more options and =]

  3. To be successful freshmen in college, they should mandate a plan, reevaluate themselves, and have the urge to learn much more than they think they already know. I didn’t take Science 2 serious at a first but it transformed my view on college life.

  4. This course was a wow for me..I decided to take Sci 2 as a filler and I already found out that I knew most of this stuff already through trial and error. What was really unfortunate was that my PA “Mack” was full of himself and talked down to me unprofessionally even though this guy was younger than me. In addition the people in my group were snitches and sketch to study with. As alumni- just be consistent and don’t let anybody at the Bursars or Counseling give you the run around. Fight with those tellers and get one of there supervisors if you have to. You’re education is paying for their paychecks! And if you’re lonely- go up to the chick and say what’s up, or ask you’re classmate or study buddy to go visit downtown..Plenty of parties. But above all- be responsible with your unit load. IMO, BIO 54 was a real class that brought us freshman together. Take SCI 2 at your own risk! Peace.

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with Science 2!! When did you take it?
      Most of my classmates and the PAs I’ve spoken with had a very different experience so I hope it’s safe to say you were unfortunate and did not get the standard experience =/
      Either way, thanks for commenting! You’re definitely right about just going out there and getting what you want / need. We pay to attend university — we are their customer and they are there to help us, not make things more difficult!!


      PS: what’s the BIO 54 class you mentionned? Haven’t heard of it O=]

      • Hi! I took SCI 2 when Dr. Kenk was still around so it was quite sometime lol. I understand that the purpose of the class was to reduce the drop-out percentage of science and engineering majors among underclassmen, and im all for this mission statement. I just pray that PA’s today- behave better.

        Bio 54 was at the time, “Human Understanding” (GE for Area E). It was a lecture course with research assignments, online assignments, and 3 presentations. Since deadlines were so tight, it really forced a lot of us underclassmen in my group to rely on one another. Hope this helps. Peace.

      • Hi Mike,

        Thanks for the explanation!
        I hope students nowadays have a better experience =]

        By the way, Bio 54 sounds really interesting!

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