My name is Anne-Sophie

I wanted to thank all my awesome friends and contacts who commented on my question about nicknames. Thanks to your input, I’ve decided to start using my full name: Anne-Sophie.

In celebration (and in a move to be a little more professional) I’ve created a new email address:

I’m sorry this post is short–I’ve had quite a busy weekend with work, but keep an eye out for a longer post tomorrow about why I’m moving back to France.

By the way, does anyone know how to change your name on Facebook? I tried changing it to Anne-Sophie by editing my profile and couldn’t figure out where to do that!


2 thoughts on “My name is Anne-Sophie

  1. Congratulations on both using your full, Beautiful, legal French name Anne-Sophie Bousset and on your more professional new e-mail address: !

    Looking forward to your next post about your reasons for returning to your Birth-Land Magnificent France !!

    EnJoY a GRAND day 🙂 !!!

    Olga Kovshanova, MBA, MA
    Sales and Guest Relations Manager CIS
    The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa
    Hotel Professional Extraordinaire
    Skype name: olinkaru
    ICQ: 212336628
    M: +230-717-5790
    LinkedIn Profile:

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