Anne-Sophie or Sophie?

Hi everyone! I have another questions for you today:

Should I go by my full name, Anne-Sophie, or my American nickname, Sophie?

I’m asking since my wonderful friend, Olya, who has been sending me tons of emails with helpful advice and suggestions for making my LinkedIn profile more professional (perhaps I should make a post with her tips to share the wealth with all my graduating friends who now have to look for work too?) and looking for work in France keeps encouraging me to use my French name for everything (LinkedIn, email, blog, etc.) instead of “Sophie.”

I decided to name my blog “Sophie” since I’m writing it for my friends in the U.S. and so I thought it would be more appropriate/make more sense to use the name you all already know me by… but only having one name (instead of one for English-speakers and one for French-speakers) would definitely make things like my email signature, business cards and networking easier, so let me know what you think!

Should I go by Anne-Sophie or Sophie? And do you go by a nickname? Why or why not?


3 thoughts on “Anne-Sophie or Sophie?

  1. Heya Sophie (ha).. I didn’t even know you went by Anne-Sophie, though I knew it was your real name. But having a slightly unusual name makes you stand out, in a good way, so I’d say if the only reason you aren’t going by Anne-Sophie is to make it easier on the English speakers then change to your French name pronto! It’s not like people can’t still call you Sophie in person. 🙂

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