Choosing a Career: Money or Fun?

Last weekend I was stuck at work during a particularly boring shift and started wondering how I ended up there. Usually my job is really fun–I get to talk to people who stop by our display at fairs and tell them about bath remodeling while enjoying the festive atmosphere and exploring the attractions during breaks. As a matter of fact, two weeks ago I worked a car show and got to check out beautiful old cars while I worked! However, both last Saturday and Sunday I was unfortunately stuck working at a mall where few people walk by our store and even fewer bother to come in. As I stood there waiting for customers, bored stiff, I began wondering why I had taken this job and realized that it could make for a brilliant blog entry (I found something productive to do with my time: coming up with topic ideas!)

In case you’re wondering, I decided to take this job because I was bored–great way to remedy that, right? I hadn’t worked in a few months and felt like I was not being productive (or filling my bank account–let’s face it, moving to a new country can be expensive!) and I thought this sounded like fun. At first I looked for PR internships, but quickly realized that no one would want to bother training an intern they could only have for a few months. And so my fate was sealed.

Even though I would have enjoyed all the things that typically come with an internship: learning new things, developing my skills, making industry contacts… I don’t regret taking this job. I usually have a lot of fun and it’s a great way of making some extra cash before moving ($13/hr isn’t too bad for a part-time job!) I do think I’ll be careful when I look for work in Paris though–I’ll make sure the long-term positions I apply for have interesting work and allow for personal development.

Let’s hear from you guys though. What’s more important: making money or doing something you enjoy?


5 thoughts on “Choosing a Career: Money or Fun?

  1. One has to eat to live. In the order of importance eating is number 3:
    1) Oxygen
    2) H2O
    3) Food
    4) Clothing
    5) Housing
    6) Education/knowing enough to obtain the above
    7) Fun/Amusement thus Beauty/Art/Comradeship/Love

    To obtain the above one must have d’argent. If interesting employment cannot be had then one must make do with boring labor, at least, for the present to obtain Pleasurefication in a Mission?life later.

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  2. Very true!! You need money in order to survive, but what about when you are fortunate enough to have savings and can afford to be a little choosey?

  3. Perhaps, think of it in a different way: what do people do first?

    A: what they NEED to do
    B: what they WANT to do

    Procrastination is, unfortunately, a powerful human nature. People tend to do what’s fun first despite knowing distress is just lurking in the corner. Kids prefer video games over homework and college students prefer parties over academic research, adults prefer fun work that pay little over difficult work that pay better…

    Interestingly, if we put in the hard work first and plan ahead, then we will discover things that are more fun than video games, parties, and fun work combine! We will have more freedom and choices of entertainment while our wallets will be prepared for next-level splurges. Just remember, focusing on what we need to do today doesn’t mean we’re accepting work-life imbalance.

    I recommend this mindset template for recent college graduates or those who are “fortunate enough to have savings and can afford to be a little choosy”.


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